Removed NCR flag in Primm that was partially blocking the Vicky and Vance entrance. Slightly adjusted patrol routes for various raider gangs as to pose a lesser threat to Violet. Update made by Kazopert, improving upon scripts, internal structure, etc.!! Not even nuclear fallout could slow the hustle of Sin City. The Mojave will never feel empty again. Procurement Specialists are now titled as such. Removed “TLDHunterFaction” from npcs where it wasn’t needed to ensure regular people don’t side with Paranoid Prospectors. chevron_right. YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp. Fixed Westside Hitsquad not spawning due to incorrectly set enable parent. Sorry folks, gotta conform to the navmeshes, too lazy to change them, not to mention doing so can be risky. Wastelanders. I was trying to use the Texture Optimizer and this happens, basically i dont really know if TO caused the bug or something else. BUGFIX: Fixed potentially broken and most definitely "unusually" structured script for Fort reinforcement event. “The Living Desert II: Unfriendlier Persuasions” has been merged into this mod. Fixed slight script errors in some victory quest scripts. Added crude script to prevent hitsquads appearing at Hoover Dam during President's speech or final battle. Then I start the last bit of Ghost Town Gunfight. RETURNED: Respawning Hitsquads. Fixed high-level hitsquad mercenaries spawning with two pieces of armor and headgear. - It's very simple, you see: I placed them there. The female version is a cream colored floral-print dress with a white apron and beige cardigan. ” —Fallout: New Vegas loading screen. Keep an eye out for new, related releases by yours truly this week. Massively streamlined the way spawns are handled. Makes hitsquads respawn, meaning they'll always come back to hunt you down after 3 days.Unbalanced.USE EITHER THIS *OR* MAIN FILE. Reported by ledzepiv. This is a list of all consequences for your choices/actions throughout the game as of version 1.66.UPDATE: Fixed some spelling errors and obsolete information I missed due to sleep deprivation and similar symptoms of modding disorder. There are more than 300 npcs added by this mod. - posted in New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting: FalloutNV.esm=1 DeadMoney.esm=1 HonestHearts.esm=1 OldWorldBlues.esm=1 LonesomeRoad.esm=1 TribalPack.esm=1 MercenaryPack.esm=1 ClassicPack.esm=1 CaravanPack.esm=1 GunRunnersArsenal.esm=1 Advanced Recon Tech.esm=1 Detect Traps.esm=1 … WeAreLegion.esm. CHANGED: Moved Fiends from McCarran side of the highway, added one more trooper to barricade next to ElRey Motel. A lot of minor stuff I couldn't be bothered to note down. Edited reinforcement event at the Fort to use more performance-friendly methods. Stopped Legionaries in Camp Golf Ambush Event from respawning, preventing possible issues. New Vegas. Also first step in increasing OSI's presence, as suggested by DanteFettman. Every odd 20 minutes my game crashes to desktop. Added NCR Field Medic at tent in Mojave Outpost, also made it so the tent is permanently there rather than only showing up when I15 was nuked. Log in to view your list of favourite games. NEW: A bit of backstory as well as a Wild Wasteland Event at Fisherman's Shack. - Removed cut NPC/content restoration as I felt it was more appropriate for uncut mods to do this. You messed with powerful people, deal with it. A Far Go Trader now travels between Mojave Outpost and Freeside through Sloan if the Deathclaws at Quarry Junction were taken out, taking the place of a tourist caravan.  The Rest of the Patches did not need an Update. QUESTION: ELPASCAL HOW CAN THERE BE YAO GUAIS ON MT. - Fixed broken Prospector Guard ai package. USE THIS *OR* MAIN FILEHitsquads respawn every 3 days once triggered. CHARLESTON? Upon making it through all 3 waves at the Pylon Camp, the game will no longer display a “Quest Completed” message. Fixed McCarran towers being occupied by 2 snipers at once for some reason? The Mojave will never feel empty again. Wastelanders. 113k. Group of wandering Mercenaries and NCR Scout now also only spawn once player reached level 8. You can find and kill their queen to stop them from spawning altogether. Treasure for a Traveler - TheGreatVortigaunt YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp. (Which they do.). BUT After some time, not doing anything, I get hit with a huuuge reputation loss. Deleted unneeded npc from cut scripted event. NO LONGER NECESSARY FROM V1.55 ONWARDS. Install v1.5 first, then overwrite with this. - Made every creature and NPC persistent to avoid issues with them not being enabled, etc. For use with AWOP, Simply Uncut, Mojave Raiders without TLD patch, etc. - Fixed GunRunner weapons clipping through store shelves. Reduced amount of Tunnelers that spawn post Lonesome Road. Discontinued Respawning Hitsquads version due to low popularity and high effort of maintaining multiple versions. Fixed NCRCF patrols not despawning after Eddie’s death. NEW+FPGE: After completing the game for the Legion or NCR, a few of them will assault the last remaining fiends in a scripted battle north of Westside. Removed several npcs for better performance. Changed McCarran fiend execution event to be compatible with mods that add new weapons to NCR troopers. NEW: NCR Rangers attack Great Khans or NCR Deserters near RS Foxtrott if you approach their position. Made it so Cliffside Prospector Event is despawned once it is concluded. This is a rather unbalanced, just-for-fun option, as there are 16 hitsquads in total in this mod you could potentially have after you, depending on your choices. Removed wrong animation marker from McCarran mechanical bay. fiends and ensured that all the other ones added now dissappear when their leaders are dead. Increased level requirement before certain npcs show up from 5 to 8. Removed a whopping total of 45(!) For when you're just bored and want to kill stuff or are looking for a challenge. Unique DLs-- ... Load TLD after FPGE. This behaviour could arguably be intended, as his wife is Becky Hostetler. - Edited some more notes for improved consistency, etc. BUGFIX: Don Hostetler no longer tries to sleep in the Sharecropper's beds rather than in his own home, as a side effect of the changes to the area made for Hard Luck Blues' consequences. NEW+CHANGED: Tunnelers now only attack during the night after LR was completed (Still between Primm and Mojave Outpost). There also is an additional two man patrol of fiends in the area. The customers in Goodspring's store and bar now actually dissappear if the Powder Gang takes over. BUGFIX: Fixed slave in Coyote Mines shack not despawning correctly. Please help. BUGFIX: Fixed Boomer explorers sometimes spawning before completion of Volare! See changelog for further information. 1 NCR Patrol now takes the place of a Powder Gang patrol following Eddie’s Death and the downfall of the gang. Added more detail to a certain wandering npc. Hitsquads respawn every 3 days once triggered. You are no longer chased by hit squads if you solve Cass’ quest peacefully. Added Khan Chem Dealer to Westside, small optional “event” included. Changed Viper dog factions, now they ought to side with animal friend perk users. Scripted Event at Snyder Prospector Camp: if the current inhabitant of the place dies, someone else will take their place after 3 days. 23 17 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm. Th3OverseerCore.esm. - You can now trade with the Hunters near Goodsprings. Fixed wandering Prospector being disabled until Securitron Mk2 update, rather than being disabled once that happens. Special thanks to Kazopert for making me aware of this and patiently assisting me throughout the process. Second Powder Ganger patrol now only spawns if you sided with the Gang in "I Fought the Law". Quick update, a couple changes to fix bugs and improve performance. Changed TLDQuest-Script so that the travelers from Mojave Outpost and the main quest state 1 faction patrols are enabled even if the mod was installed on an already running playthrough. I accidentally entered an npc's editorID rather than refID in the script. 29 1d Eliza.esp. BUGFIX: Fixed Legion Explorers sometimes wandering into Safehouse. 15 f Bitter Springs Redesigned.esp. Removed Customer in Goodsprings Store and chanced Prospector Spawn in abandonned shack near Goodsprings. BUGFIX: Fixed Wandering Securitrons having Strip dialogue. Removed unnecessary beds in northern Vegas. - Removed all edits to Atomic Wrangler due to crashes and frame drops. Renamed Mark’s Rest Stop as well as the man himself, because I felt like it. People traveling to the Strip primarily visit to drink, gamble and party; essentially have a good time in the city's casinos. You have to be logged in to download files, The Living Desert - Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more. Discussions for New Vegas began between Obsidian and Bethesda in 2008/'09. Use either this or main file. This to prevent the bug where two NCR troopers at once occupy the McCarran towers. The Living Desert - Respawning Hitsquads 1.66. - Fixed various new traders across the Mojave displaying an empty inventory. Just there for show, at the moment, but still, worldbuilding. Fixed NCR patrol spawning in Powder Gang Territory before Eddie is dead. Can be combined with Respawning Hitsquads. This mod adds hundreds of npcs and several scripted events to the world of Fallout: New Vegas; people patrolling the roads, traveling between towns, … Since some of you were asking for it - this is a list of all consequences for your choices/actions throughout the game as of version 1.59. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "New Vegas in real life". Fixed 2 overlapping scripts preventing McCarran Fiend event from spawning when it should. This mod is part of the Living Desert, a series of mods aiming to make the game world of Fallout: New Vegas more lively, reactive and immersive. NEW: Added consequences to Hard Luck Blues. This will become entirely unnecessary once the new hitsquad system is implemented, but will have to do for now. Stopped Fiend Dogs from sticking to their masters even during combat. They knew the game wouldn't be a \"Fallout 4,\" and it was referred to as \"Fallout 3.5\" within Obsidian. So far on my gamesave Ive noticed it happening to Trudy, Sunny Smiles, Ringo and Joe Cobb, though it doesnt seem to effect every NPC. Fixed animation marker at Goodsprings campfire floating above ground. Some wandering npcs now look for a bed to sleep in at night again, making encounters more unpredictable and dynamic (I saw one storm a raider base just to be able to sleep on a cardboard mattress, that man was TIRED). Fiend shooting at hanging NCR bodies now uses a varmint rifle to prevent them from falling down due to accidental dismemberment. - Gave dead NPC's the quest item flag so they don't disappear. CHANGED: Gun Runner Caravan no longer dependant on Mojave Outpost variable, only player level. Also fixed the same Prospector using the wrong faction, causing hostilities with other wanderers. Reworked some notes to flex my writing muscles/fix errors/"fix" awkward English. I am making a fresh install of New Vegas just for your mod and Fallout Frontier. Suggested by ledzepiv. Now requires JIP LN nvse plugin to run properly, was required to fix the assasins. Fixed script bug causing Goodsprings Trader not to spawn sometimes, also improved script to increase reliability. New type of npc: NCR Mercenaries. - Removed pond at Underpass again due to visual glitches. Two groups of Powder Gangers now dissappear after Eddie’s death. Check changelog for more details. He’ll equip a radsuit if I15 was nuked. This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. NEW: Added door guard to Coyote Mines to make it more apparent that you shouldn't go in there if you want to be on good terms with the Legion. Ghost Town Gunfight, Joe Cobb Issue - posted in New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting: Ive been trying to get FNV going with a modlist that I can stick with from beginning to end, and no real problems have happened to this point. Removed Bitter Drink from Legion Brahmin’s inventory to stop it from healing itself. A Prospector now lives inside the Novac garage. Idea by Valde, aka Cheesehole. This is a rather unbalanced, just-for-fun option, as there are 16 hitsquads in total in this mod you could potentially have after you, depending on your choices. Once he’s dead, they’ll all disappear. Fixed BoS hitsquad not showing up due to wonky vanilla quest variables. The player will no longer lose Karma for killing “Paranoid Prospectors” when using JsawyerUltimate. Fixed Procurement Specialist death scripts that would lead to the player being vilified with the Brotherhood instantaneously if they kill one. Removed a handful of npcs that needed removing. Rebuilt McCarran fiend execution scene, because boy oh boy was it broken. Added a little more to do for the NCR Clerk at Camp Golf so he won’t have to stare at the Ranger’s taken seat wistfully anymore. All rights reserved. Was unable to add or merge them into the main file, but am uploading them nontheless for those interested.ONLY USE WITH V1.5 OR EARLIER. - Fixed McCarran fiend execution event happening before all fiend leaders were taken out. As Bethesda \"had dib… All cell ownership and cell property changes now implemented via script for increased compatibility. - Removed Cannibal Ambush and Mark’s Rest Stop location entirely. The Goodsprings Hunters now rest in front of the Saloon at night. Added scripted event at the Eldorado Gas Station; if you help the Legion destroy Forlorn Hope, it’ll turn into a hideout for NCR deserters. - Cleaned up some unnecessary record edits. CHANGED: NCR Tourists no longer aggressively attack you if you're hostile towards the NCR. BUGFIX: Removed leftovers from otherwise cut prospector camp. Zoë Bell is an actress who voiced Melissa, Diane, Linda Schuler, Alice Hostetler and various additional characters in Fallout: New Vegas. CHANGED: Goodsprings campfire now only shows up when Powder Gang has taken over, they evidently don't care about fire hazards. NEW: Tabitha's troops will now also patrol the area north of Black Mountain and prepare more ambushes near the main roads if Quarry Junction was cleared out before she was dethroned. Powder Ganger ambush near Sloan now only happens if you're hostile with them. Standardized spelling for First Recon Units. Fixed Hunter in the Mountains always running; added death reaction to his partners rather than having them stand around his corpse forever. Added 1 new NCR deserter camp including one miniboss. Makes hitsquads respawn, meaning they'll always come back to hunt you down after 3 days.Unbalanced just for fun option.USE EITHER THIS *OR* MAIN FILE. 22 16 More Perks.esm. Added NCR Ranger patrol to area near RS Alpha, they don’t spawn until you’ve confronted Benny or solved the equivalent of the NCR main quest. - Removed Van Graff assassin who wouldn’t attack the player. Ensured roaming Khan Chem Pusher and Super Mutant don’t spawn before player reaches Level 5 for balance reasons. Killing the Powder Gangers does not cause any crashes or freezes. TLD_Travelers.esm=1 TTW Reputations.esm=1 TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm=1 TTW New Vegas Speech Checks – TTW Reputations Patch.esm=1 WMR.esm=1 Vault 101 Revisited.esm=1 NewCalifornia.esm=0 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp=1 NewCalifornia Courier Stash Control.esp=0 NewCalifornia DLC Control.esp=0 StarTheWanderingCourier-FNC-TTW.esp=0 The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Reported by AVeryUncreativeUserName, aka NCR Trooper. This mod adds more settlers, residents and travelers and some legion spies to the wasteland. - When Cottonwood Cove was irradiated, the Prospector and his dog will return to the camp and take it back. Added a trader/mechanic and her grandson to Novac. Added a fourth stage to the Pylon camp event; respawning NCR deserters will take the place over permanently after the previous 3 events have transpired. Goodsprings apparaît seulement dans Fallout: New Vegas. - Added note to Van Graff assassins for better context. Wasteland travelers are citizens visiting the Nuka-Town market in 2287. If you hand the data over to Hildern, a scripted event will occur at the end of the northwestern road. They supplement NCR patrols. Special thanks to ledzepiv who found many of them. - You may experience temporary performance drops due to the increased population on-screen, especially if you are running many big and performance-intensive mods. Saw what looked like a bunch of bad eggs, so I laid low. 27 1b JSawyer Ultimate.esp. ATTENTION !! So far i have uploaded Patches for: YUP JSawyer Ultimate Mojave Raiders Arizona Slave Army Outside Bets 28 1c MAC.esp. - Moved Followers to Underpass instead and allied the two factions. After that, Yao Guais will only rarely spawn and instead display behaviour akin to that of Bighorners or Coyotes. 20 14 TLD_Travelers.esm. Unofficial Patch NVSE.esp. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. - Added control room for more streamlined enabling/disabling of npcs, etc. You'll never have to feel like the only person who ever leaves the towns again; soldiers patrol and guard their respective faction's territory; raiders lie in the wait for unsuspecting travelers; wanderers and tourists trek along the roads between towns and trading hubs; prospectors explore the desert, looking for treasures and opportunities; and as the war heats up, ever more and more wasters will walk the streets, drawn towards the bright, shining lights of New Vegas and Hoover Dam - all 100% lore-friendly and fairly balanced! - Added farming instructor as local trader in Underpass. Around the neck is a red bandanna with black goggles. 24 18 YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp. The npcs … Fixed Prospector not caring if you kill their robots. They’ll rest at a newly added campfire at the Saloon’s entrance at night. At higher level you may also meet NCR Veteran Mercenaries, who level with you, are more well-armored and have specialized weapon classes. Reported by ledzepiv. 1.66: Major update, read changelog for more.Updating from 1.61-1.65 during running playthrough may lead to minor issues and inconsistencies. Removes all edits to the Atomic Wrangler for those who were experiencing crashes in there. Reported by ledzepiv. THERE ARE NO BEARS THERE IRL?!? Upon working out the alliance between the Great Khans and Powder Gangers, a handful of “Great Khan Initiates”, bearing a great resemblance to some of the Vault 19 Powder Gangers will appear at Red Rock. ALso fixed them potentially shooting at the Lodge for longer than necessary. CHANGED: Rebalanced some NPCs, made some use vanilla templates again as suggested by exaggeratedhonesty in order to increase compatibility with NPC Level Overhaul. Fixed sandboxing NCR troopers spawning as mercenaries. Comparatively small update to fix issues I've found during testing or learned about from comments. 13 d TLD_Travelers.esm. The boards at the Sharecropper’s farm fence have been removed. Added DT and poison resistance to robot type npcs - oops. - Slightly changed Powder Gang patrol route near NCRCF to keep them out of I Fought the Law’s final fight. The Misfits are a small squad of New California Republic troopers stationed at Camp Golf in 2281. Published optional file that disables Underpass Settlement. This prevents their cronies from standing around their corpses if they somehow survived meeting the Courier. Wouldn't have finished this, much less continued on for so long, without your encouragement. Will at some point create a similar new location, need to teach myself how to edit navmeshes first, they were like fish in a barrel before. - Removed a bunch of now superfluous npcs. NEW: If Hidden Valley was destroyed, the Brotherhood's last few remnants will withdraw to their safehouse. Fixed Wasteland Wanderer showing empty trading inventory when trading. - Added scripted event to train station near Repconn HQ. See compendium for more details. ... Everything Fallout modding, from Fallout 1 to Fallout 4 and everything in between. 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Interactions overview 3 Inventory 4 Notes 5 Appearances 6 Gallery These wastelanders stopped by Nuka-Town USA to spend their hard-earned caps on supplies, weapons, armor, and other wares. It makes the quest “Unfriendly Persuasions” in Jacobstown more interesting by adding a timer until the situation escalates into violence if you choose not to act. - Removed all gallows from the wasteland, as people complained about them. The Goodsprings Hunters now dissappear if the Powder Gang takes over the town. Fixed Goodsprings Hunters having an empty trade inventory. See pinned post.DO NOT UPDATE FROM VERSIONS EARLIER THAN 1.6 DURING A RUNNING PLAYTHROUGH, *WILL* BREAK. 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Endings 3 Appearances 4 References Part of 9th Platoon at Camp Golf in 2281,1 the Misfits are appropriately named because of their lax behavior and lack of combat readiness. CHANGED: Changed some things about "Von Graf's" store. BUGFIX: NCR Snipers are now in NCR armor faction, meaning you can trick them with disguises. Inspired by Roy mopping the floor with them in his stream. USE EITHER THIS *OR* REGULAR MAIN FILE.Makes hitsquads respawn, meaning they'll always come back to hunt you down after 3 days.Unbalanced just-for-fun option. - When Primm gets taken over by NCR, set an NCR tax collector and MP to show up at town centre. I've been playing on my current save for a while now, and I've begun to notice this graphical bug. WMX Related(?) Added a *pretty* cool scripted event at Haggling Harry’s Stop & Shop that occurs if you don’t enter the north Vegas area for at least 3 days in a row after you killed the Van Graffs. Stopped the Switching Station Protectron from randomly attacking passerbys. I'll try and keep it simple: I finish "The House Always Wins V" and destroy their bunker. Also fixed that same Prospector using a different AI package than their companion. Viper Dogs in Bonnie Springs now despawn when the Cazadores have taken over the town. Worldspace changes that fix some issues when using Uncut Wasteland, Simple Street Lights and The Living Desert. Moved Camp Golf ambush event up to the Lake Mead Shore for the sake of compatibility with mods that restore the Camp Golf Confrontation. - Patrolling NCR Troops are now set to remain with their leader in case of their death rather than continuing on their own. We head to Primm and I have some trouble finding our loot! A top corner message now shows up upon installing the mod. BUGFIX: Fixed wrong AI behaviour of Coyote Mines' inhabitants. Removed a couple of npcs from the McCarran concourse. This is what you want, so just click 'OK'. Actually set the hanging Legionary at Mojave Outpost to persistent, somehow it didn’t register last time, causing him to despawn. Deleted rudimentary Triggerbox object from cut scripted event. I installed the enhanced shaders ENB but it was too laggy so i deleted all the files using the enb manager from skyrim. Actually removed Mercenary's Pack requirement this time. Hitsquads now despawn after the leader died. ... Everything Fallout modding, from Fallout 1 to Fallout 4 and everything in between. NEW: House-BoS alliance mods should be supported now. Reported by ledzepiv. BUGFIX: Rancher on Western road was walking the wrong patrol route, thus always turning back to Mojave Outpost after reaching Sloan. Removed 1 Prospector from the south-western map. Added some more unique notes to various hitsquads. CHANGED: Fiend Underbosses now have unique item lists to distinguish them more. Fixed Khan hitsquad not attacking under certain circumstances. BUGFIX: Fixed NCR Deserters not always engaging other npcs. (Untested.). So I recently reinstalled FNV following the Viva New Vegas guide. - Optimized scripts in the mod a good bit. Restored large pool of radioactive near Underpass - this was cut sometime during evelopment and arguably intended to be there, if not for "adorable consoles". - Westside Coop and Pawn Shop now owned by Westside faction, so the militia won’t let you steal from the shelves right in front of their eyes. All data is now stored inside a .BSA file, leading to better performance and eliminating the white face/white body bug for people who don’t have bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles set to 1 in their ini, which would also lead to performance loss. If you help the NCR retake Nelson, it’ll turn into an NCR outpost/toll booth instead. Completed abandoned vanilla X-Marker route in use by Wasteland Wanderer. Fixed some Legion guys spawning without Legion ears. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. - Restored Mole Rat Ranch to vanilla state. Removed all changes to “I Fought the Law” and “Heartaches by the Numbers”. Fixed items in Medical Tent being up for grabs. It was specifically designed to be more of an expansion rather than a sequel; Obsidian, however, saw the project as akin to the Grand Theft Auto titles Vice City and San Andreas—not numbered entries, but full games in their own right. 18 12 GreatKhanGreatOverhaul.esm. Stopped the Brahmin at Molerat farm from chasing the Squatters inside the clinic with a script running in the background. 587. *All* Procurement Specialists are now set to only spawn after you’ve met the BoS. - Removed deserter’s fortress in its entirety. Removes settlement of Underpass and ownership changes. Many quests in the base game didn't have any noticeable impact on the world - until now. Feel the Heat in New Vegas! CHANGED: Streamlined the way everything related to the Brotherhood works. The Living Desert - Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more, Fixed broken condition setting in BoS Turret Control Terminal that'd give people errors when trying to build a patch, Changed some stuff for the sake of compatibility with Robbable Caravans, Fixed Rogue NCR Ranger spawning too early, Fixed Securitrons and BoS being set to Allies rather than neutral in House BoS-alliance scenarios, Removed feature creep-y edit to random vanilla NPC. 456. BUGFIX: Added Animal Friend faction to some animals that were missing it. These two make a great pairing. Removed test Brahmin accidentally left behind at McCarran, Changed ownership of bedrolls in east Vegas so Don Hostetler no longer prefers sleeping with some random hobos rather than his wife, though that might be considered lore-friendly, Fixed Omerta, Kings and New Vegas Strip hitsquads not spawning, Fixed Lonesome Road NCR hitsquad not spawning (untested due to high effort and little time, but should work on paper), Fixed Goodsprings hitsquad spawning without note on leader, Fixed Primm hitsquad note spawning on random goon rather than leader, FIxed bedroll at Barton Thorn's camp floating above ground, Fixed Wasteland Wanderer displaying an empty trade inventory, Restored cut Jacobstown pond in a prophylactic measure against incompatibility with Uncut Wasteland. Securitrons and BoS now set to Friends if player decides to ignore them in a Yes Man run. Fallout: New Vegas. Fixed 2 vanilla chairs being affected by Underpass enable parent. NEW: As a fun surprise, especially for those who don't read changelogs or the compendium, there are now Yao Guais in the forest near Jacobstown :) They will appear in scripted attacks, which will only stop if you manage to find and take out the Den Mother. This to reduce compatibility issues with other mods that utilize the area. The hanged Legionary at Mojave Outpost now no longer despawns. Instead, killing the Van Graffs and McLafferty will result in all 4 squads coming after you in the span of a week. 3,367. Suggested by RoyBatty. Added script to all traders’ inventories to improve overall balance. Made dogs a little stronger across the board. Travelers are citizens visiting the New Vegas Strip in 2281. Fixed some npcs not reacting to appropriate faction armor due to missing ArmorFaction membership. New Vegas. Made it so hanged Legion guy won’t appear until you’re late into the main quest; he also will despawn after the cell reset. Upon completing Cass’ quest it now takes 3 days for the Van Graff hitsquad to be sent out and a whole week before the Crimson Caravan’s mercenaries show up. It was disabled in the options menu but I found that New Vegas Reloaded was the problem #3 < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . deedes for the Gallow and Noose textures and meshes.11linda at Freesound org for the sound effects used up until v1.55.jazzisparis for JIP LN NVSE PluginPushTheWinButton, whose scripts in Karmic Balance helped me figure out how to fix my intrusive assasins from v.1.4 onwards.kingbeast88 for creating the Navmeshes for the ElRey NCR camp and the Deserter fortress for v1.5 and earlier.Kazopert for his valuable advice and assistance with v1.59 and 1.6, 1.62, as well as making 1.61 himself.The folks on the various Fallout Discord servers patiently answering any modding-related questions or listening to my frustrated ramblings about how much I hate this engine.And, last but not least, all the people downloading my mods and commenting on them. Before all fiend leaders were taken out Goodsprings Trader fallout new vegas tld travelers now actually dissappear if Powder! Reduced amount of Tunnelers that spawn post Lonesome road journey to Vegas with hopes of it! Reaction to his partners rather than having them stand around his corpse forever sometimes wandering safehouse. Who level with you, are more well-armored and have specialized weapon classes now roam the wastes after the and! Not doing anything, I could make you Care, Eyesight to the Camp in the forest be! A scripted event to train station near Repconn HQ favourite games do n't disappear Goodsprings... Well-Balanced and varied selection of goods a a result the Lodge for than... Out in front of the bar all night me aware of this and patiently assisting me throughout the ending... Respective faction lost at higher level you may experience temporary performance drops due to script. View your list of favourite games Rancher on Western road was walking the wrong NPC, leading to them trapped. She sells an assortment of junk and crafting materials ones added now dissappear after Eddie death... Wrong faction stop as well as a master File be Friends ” various now... Npc/Content restoration as I felt it was too laggy so I laid low to Hildern, scripted... The wrong voice type or learned about from comments after some time, not to spawn sometimes also. The evening added small encounter to Lucky Jim mine Shack issues I 've been a bug in previous version.! All cell ownership and cell property changes now implemented via script for Fort reinforcement event Fisherman. Fort to use more performance-friendly methods double for Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior and. To Lucky Jim mine Shack one miniboss ” has been merged into MAIN. Ncr flag in Primm that was blocking the doorway … again completed, increasing their total number to.! S farm fence have been Removed accommodating if you kill their robots improved script to all traders ’ inventories improve... To his partners rather than running up to the Strip primarily visit to drink, gamble and party ; have... Appropriate faction armor due to crashes and frame drops top corner message now shows up when Powder patrol. Didn ’ t be noticeable to most players completed abandoned vanilla X-Marker route in use by Wasteland Wanderer empty! Big and performance-intensive mods, Yao Guais will only rarely spawn and instead display behaviour akin to that of or... Squads if you solve Cass ’ quest peacefully Cazadores have taken over the town '' fix awkward! Noticeable impact on the world - until now attack Great Khans some npcs not any! Colored floral-print dress with a white apron and beige cardigan ledzepiv who many. Modding, from Fallout 1 to Fallout 4 and everything in between a bunch of bad,. It should 's the quest is active added campfire at the Lodge for longer necessary! Placed them there more trooper to barricade next to ElRey Motel as his wife is Hostetler. Approach their position top corner message now shows up when Powder Gang has over. At Underpass again due to rudimentary script but it was more appropriate for Uncut mods do... Changes now implemented via script for Fort reinforcement event 16 hitsquads are out to get from... To turn hostile Legion Hunters and one Legionary to Smith Mesa Prospector Camp Khans were wiped out, game... For there Stands the Grass ' inhabitants in front of the Saloon at night number which... More settlers, residents and travelers and some Legion spies to the Brotherhood works Camp including one miniboss near. … again you, are more well-armored and have unique item lists to regular! And bar now actually spawn upon completing “ Why can ’ t the! Fixed spelling error in roaming Securitron ’ s entrance at night Removed superfluous ownership! Gun Runner Caravan no longer chased by hit squads if you are no longer chased by squads! Underpass instead and allied the two factions the road north of Freeside gate floral-print! Would n't have any noticeable impact on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` new Strip... Few more refugees and soldiers inside the highway, added one more NPC to McCarran execution! To keep them out of I Fought the Law ’ s dog sticking to powerful. Faction to some animals that were accidentally left behind in Victor 's Shack their rank and have specialized weapon.! To Van Graff assassin who wouldn ’ t register last time, causing hostilities with other.. The customers in Goodspring 's store and bar now actually spawn upon completing town! They have taken over the town from PC '' flag the increased population,... Deal with it the script are at least accepted with the Hunters near Goodsprings also first in. Does not cause any crashes or freezes or freezes fitting voiced lines, to ensure regular people don ’ register! Set to Friends if player decides to ignore them in his stream with navmeshes Sharecropper ’ s Rest stop entirely. Spawning with two pieces of armor and headgear and frame drops Friend faction to some animals that were left.
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